Thursday, July 3, 2014

To the future....

I would like to consolidate all of my teaching efforts into one location, so, sadly I'll be ending the production and sale of my instructional dvds shortly.  (I will continue the sale with $10 off each dvd along with the free shipping in the continental US until I take the page down.)  I will be posting some of the best selling dvds as videos on the forum as time permits.  For a look at the videos available click on the page links:
I know how many of you from around the world have enjoyed my dvds throughout the years, since we are moving into the future with my new forum "For the Love of Watercolor".  On the new forum, you can view my videos on any device, from any location.  It's a much better format.  Plus I've upgraded my filming equipment with excellent zoom capabilities to let you see "up close" each brush stroke.   And in HD!

 I'm not going to change all of the "Add to Cart" buttons, (that would take forever) so I will credit back your PayPal account for the Sale Refund & Shipping Overages before shipping occurs.
(I am offering free shipping also for customers in the USA). 

I will update this list as the DVDs sell out.
Here is the current DVDs that are no longer available:

Ruffles - Sold Out
The Queen - Sold Out
Morning Light - Sold Out

Here is the list of DVDs close to selling out:
Pet Portraits - Two Left
Fall Harvest - Three Left
Sterling, Crystal & Glass - Three Left


Thursday, January 30, 2014

"Reflections of a Flower Instructional Watercolor DVD

"Reflections of a Flower Instructional Watercolor DVD"
We will work on three flowers in this dvd, the Magnolia, the Tulip &amp the Waterlily (below).  The original photos have all been shot on reflective surfaces, so this dvd will show you how to handle painting watercolor reflections successfully.  Reflections that are subtle and add such depth to your painting.  Also we'll do the three flowers in dramatic realism, capturing every detail.  (This dvd does not have any basic set-up information.)  2 hours in length.

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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Instructional Watercolor DVD

My Christmas favorites in watercolor.  1. The "Classic Coke" with Santa on the carton.   2.  A Christmas Ornament with all the reflections.  3.  The Christmas flower, the Poinsettia.  We will paint all of these, in easy to follow step-by-step instruction.  As always each dvd comes complete with photos of the reference material and finished painting; a detail pencil drawing to transfer to your watercolor paper; instructions on how to stretch paper and a supply list of the pigments I use as well as all the supplies.

3 hours in length.
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Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Iris Instructional Watercolor DVD

This is a comprehensive guide to one of my favorite flowers, the Iris.  This dvd will be the same in-depth format as "Painting an American Beauty", which, besides the painting of three Irises in watercolor, it will include many vignettes about the intricacies of Irises including; adding gentle veining to the falls; painting delicate and translucent standards; painting soft beards and much, much more. Besides all of the drawings, photos of the reference material, photos of the finished painting, supply list, info sheet on how to stretch paper, you will receive a botanical illustration of all of the anatomical parts of the Iris.  This is a very in-depth tutorial of every aspect of painting the lovely Iris in Watercolor.  This is a 2 dvd set, 4 hours of instruction.   

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Friday, January 11, 2013

The Watercolor Problem Solver Instructional DVD

An instructional watercolor dvd that helps you paint gorgeous watercolors by solving some of those little problem areas that get in the way.  This dvd will help your painting process flow a lot smoother.  You will feel more in control of the medium.  A must have for all career watercolor painters.

Here are some of the things we will cover:

▪ Preventing Color Lifting when applying glazes
▪ Applying even, "Airbrush Quality" washes without streaks
▪ Preventing Blossoms, Blotches & Blemishes
 ▪ Avoiding "Mud"
▪ Easily soften your edges
▪ Ways of adding Highlights
▪ Cleaning up your edges
▪ Why aren't my watercolor paintings rich and vibrant?
▪ How to keep your pencil lines from showing through
▪ Preventing Pooling on your paper
▪ And much more....

1.5 hours in length.
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Thursday, November 22, 2012

DVD Set 5 - Jacqueline Gnott Instructional DVD Set

Set contains:
The Apple Tree; Breakfast in America; Red Globe Grapes;
Exotics; My Favorite Things Volume 3 ~ Christmas


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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Red Globe Grapes Instructional Watercolor DVD

Red Globe Grapes Instructional Watercolor DVD shows you how to paint this lovely and dramatic watercolor from start to finish.  The intense black background that flows into a soft grey gradation.  Capturing the luminosity and translucency of the grapes with multi colors.  In spotlight and in shadow.  Along with being able to capture the delicate, natural bloom.  There will also be instruction on how to get great stems in spotlight lighting, and how to make them look natural, flowing and woodsy.  I think you'll gain and a lot of insight on doing a larger painting.  Come join me on this fall harvest journey.  2 hours in length.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Breakfast in America Watercolor DVD

Breakfast in America is an in-depth tutorial about everything that is breakfast...

Nothing makes mornings cheerier then a vase of daisys.
We paint every rib of these little bits of sunshine in a clear glass vase.

A shiny bowl that reflects all of it's surroundings and also holds an American staple, Corn Flakes.

A luscious topping of some Strawberries.

To top it off, we have a box of Kellogg's Corn Flakes.  Here we delve into the structure of the box and then onto lettering and graphics.

Last but not least, what ties everything together, a lovely checkered cloth.  The background is also covered with it smooth gray gradation.

All of this is covered in this dvd.  3-1/2 hours in length

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Apple Tree Instructional Watercolor DVD

An in-depth instructional dvd about painting the important details of an Apple Tree.  Lots of work specifically on "depth of field".  The soft focus images in the distance.  The crisp images of the foreground.  Also lighting and varying the glazes to go from a very brightly lit area to the dark shadows.  We will paint the baby apples mixing the colors on the actual painting as we go, using wet-in-wet techniques.   Plus how to apply a "natural" looking highlight.  Join me as I paint this little gem in easy step-by-step instruction. 

This dvd is 2 hours in length.

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Exotics Instructional Watercolor DVD

 Explore all the rich color of the flowers of paradise.  This dvd has no initial set-up instructions, but just dives right into these four exotic flowers: Mandevillia, Bird of Paradise, Plumaria and the Orchid.  We will cover achieving rich intense color with your watercolors that will give your paintings powerful impact.  To make them glow with brilliant color.  Special interest in background work, from the smooth background of the Orchid, to the slightly mottled background of the Bird of Paradise, to the sunlit spots of color on the Mandevillia.  And, of course, handling the greens of the leaves on the Plumaria successfully.
This dvd is 3 hours in length.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

DVD Set 4 - Jacqueline Gnott Instuctional Watercolor DVD Set

Set contains:
Painting an American Beauty; Cherries & Crystal;
Summer Blossoms; Dark, Dramatic & Delicate; Milk Weed Pod

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Painting an American Beauty Instructional Watercolor DVD

A Two DVD Set! This dvd is an in-depth study of painting the Rose in watercolor. Rich in every aspect of the Rose anatomy. We will delve deeply into painting leaves which can be a troublesome area. Learning to paint different leaves in different lighting situations. Both realistic and decorative. Also little studies on doing thorns and stamens and painting a sparkling Dew Drop. There will be special instruction on buds, both tight and unfurling. And the stars of the show, painting a Rose in soft muted light and also a back-lit Rose. Painting the delicate colors for 'life like' realism.

plus shipping
2 DVD Set ~ 240 Minutes!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Summer Blossoms Instructional Watercolor DVD

This is the "sequel" to Spring Blossoms, as we do more intense paintings of my favorite summer flowers. (This dvd is all about the painting, without any initial set-up information) I have planned these three because I had requests from artists requesting instruction on how to handle larger washes. Manipulating color on the surface of the petal. Smooth washes that glow with intensity. Planning your palette. Planning a striking painting. Working with depth-of-field for leaves and backgrounds. This dvd is all about achieving beautiful flowers with watercolor. Join me.

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Milk Weed Pod - Instructional Watercolor DVD

This watercolor instructional dvd focuses on the Milk Weed Pod. It will cover all of the basic steps in getting ready to paint your watercolor, including: transferring the pencil drawing & masking.

In this dvd we will cover the following areas:

*Painting the Milk Weed Pod, step-by-step.
*Adding texture to the seed pods.
*This dvd will have a special separate section on

painting this grouping of the seed pod "silks".
ng them look "light as a feather".
*Painting smooth backgrounds. Getting intense glazes using darks.
*Painting sun cast shadows with character.
*We will talk extensively about photographing nature. Getting the best shots for a very dramatic watercolor. (Which can be the biggest challenge).

This dvd comes complete with a photo of the finished painting; a photo of the reference shot; an information sheet on how to stretch paper; a list of all the supply's you'll need; and a pencil drawing to transfer onto your watercolor paper. Approximately 2 hours in length.

plus shipping

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cherries & Crystal Instructional Watercolor DVD

This watercolor instructional dvd is not for the faint of heart.
(This is a more advanced dvd with no basic set-up information.)
Rather we spend 2 hours of glorious painting time.

Learning to do a flawless background wash through glaze upon glaze of color. Without those dreaded "blossoms". I will show you a "blossom" that I made on purpose, and show you how to fix it.

Painting one of my favorite fruits, the cherry. Controlling the amount of water on your brush so you don't get those ugly "rings" around the outside edges caused by too much water. We make them plump & shiny!

Doing the soft shadow, as the cloth curves over the edge of the table.

Finally the crystal. (The hardest part I always save for last...:-). Easy ways of working through the labyrinth of cut glass. Picking the best crystal to use to enhance your subject. Special still life lighting set-ups especially for crystal.

This dvd comes complete with a photo of the finished painting; a photo of the reference shot; an information sheet on how to stretch paper; a list of all the supply's you'll need; and a pencil drawing to transfer onto your watercolor paper. Approximately 2 hours in length.


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Monday, October 3, 2011

Dark, Dramatic & Delicate Instructional Watercolor DVD

This watercolor instructional dvd focuses on dark and dramatic still lifes and how to achieve them. In this dvd we will talk about and work with a limited palette to add to the drama. We spend time on one of the specific problems faced by a lot of watercolor painters, achieving a smooth background. Our goal being a background as smooth as silk with subtle gradations to accentuate the subject. We also spotlight the painting of these very delicate Pear blossoms. We will go over how to mask and paint them, keeping their light and delicate appearance. Then finally doing glass in watercolor. We will go step-by-step on how to paint this complicated green glass vase...and how to make it shine.

This dvd comes complete with a photo of the finished painting; a photo of the reference shot; an information sheet on how to stretch paper; a list of all the supply's you'll need; and a pencil drawing to transfer onto your watercolor paper. Approximately 2 hours in length.


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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pet Portraits - Instructional Watercolor DVD

This Instructional Watercolor DVD will cover everything about the Pet Portrait process. Here are some of the highlights:
  • How to take great reference photos
  • How to make every pet look like a Star
  • The contract between Client and Artist
  • Painting dogs in watercolor
  • Painting eyes that have a life-like "sparkle"
  • Painting the best "wet" noses
  • Working with fur
  • Backgrounds that compliment
  • Accoutrements (Collars, Bandanas, etc)
Everyone will receive a color photo of the finished painting, as well as the reference photo, so you can follow along with the video. A copy of the contract that I currently use for commissions. Also, stretching instructions for watercolor paper. And my watercolor supply list. Approximately 2 hours in length.


plus shipping

Friday, June 17, 2011

DVD Set 3 - Jacqueline Gnott Instuctional Watercolor DVD Set

Set contains:
The Orchid; Fall Harvest; Spring Blossoms;
Sterling, Crystal & Glass; Shine

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sterling, Crystal & Glass Instructional Watercolor DVD

We are undertaking the three most difficult objects for an artist to accomplish. Sterling silver, a crystal candy dish and a clear glass vase. In this dvd we won't finish one total painting, but instead will concentrate on honing the skills of these three pieces. With each piece there will be much instruction on achieving a realistic interpretation of the object. Specific "tricks" to help you easily create a life-like watercolor. Instruction will include how to handle the environmental and setup influences especially in dealing with reflective surfaces such as the sterling silver and clear objects such as the glass vase. This is a more advanced dvd and does not contain any of the basic instruction on set up or painting. You will receive a very detailed drawing of each piece, as well as photos. Approximately 2 hours in length.


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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Iris in Glass - Instructional Oil DVD

I wanted to do an instructional Oil DVD with an Iris as the main subject. I thought this was the perfect one to do. I absolutely loved the drama that this piece conveys and I knew oil would give me the most intense color. Join me in learning all of the tips to paint this oil and make it spectacular! Learn the "Color Blocking" tricks to do glass, glass that sparkles. Master blending with special brushes. Study the structure of the Iris flower and use your oil paints to capture it perfectly. This is a great DVD for any person wishing to learn oil painting, or for the watercolor artist who wishes to expand their talents. Approximately 2 hours in length.

plus shipping

Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring Blossoms Instructional Watercolor DVD

A trilogy of intense painting of three of my favorite Spring Blossoms. This dvd does not have any of the basic set up information, instead I dive right into the paintings. The Coneflower delves into the question every one wants to to paint the cone. The hardest part of the flower, but really quite easy using this simple method. The Apple Blossoms give information on working with whites and their shadows. The many different colors that can be used to create a very dramatic painting., but still keeping it light and crisp. In the Daffodil segment we discuss some of the design elements of painting. The graphic placement of the subject to make the most visual impact. Plus more work in developing the "soft focus" background. Approximately 2 hours in length.

plus shipping

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Tulips in Red Vase - Instructional Oil DVD

My very first oil instruction dvd. This is mainly for beginners in the oil medium. And especially tailored for watercolorists who would like to expand their horizons and try oils. Or for the artist wishing to try oils for the very first time.

We start with a full description of all of the materials I use. Brushes, paints, painting surfaces. With the provided pencil drawing, we'll transfer the painting. Set up the palette. Learn how to apply layers of color, in a very similar way to my watercolor technique. You'll follow me step-by-step through the entire process. Also included is all of the information that you'll need on drying and varnishing your finished painting.

This dvd comes complete with chapters for easy navigation. A pencil drawing ready to transfer. And photos of both the finished painting and the still life set up. Join me...I think we'll enjoy this little adventure together! Approximately 2 hours in length.

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